Soccer Sport Club - The Football Community You Loved

Soccer Sport Club was started by a group of friends who loved football. And the greatest part is we are supporting different teams from each other, which makes us understand football so much from different teams and different leagues. Therefore, we decided to create a football community to group up all the football fans from every single area of the world and enjoy the football moment here.

Soccer Sport Club is focusing on the big league and football campaigns such as England Premier League, Series A League, LaLiga League, Bundesliga League, World Cup, UEFA Champion League and UEFA Europa League. Besides that, what is most exciting for the fans? Yes, participate in the football games, hence Soccer Sport Club also will organise different events occasionally to let our fans win the special prizes! Follow, Subscribe and Join us now, we don’t get a single cent from you.

Our Mission And Vision

Do we have a mission or vision? Yes! Our vision is to be the biggest football community in the World, and let our members have great discussions on football in this community. While, our mission will be to increase our subscribers to 1 million. And allow match live streaming on this community which we believe will be achieved soon.







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