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UEFA 2022 Round of 16, 1st Leg

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    16 February 2022



    17 February 2022



    23 February 2022



    24 February 2022



    Grand Prize

    BMW 2 Series

    *16 correct matches

    More Exciting Prizes!

    *Flight ticket refer to Manchester United Flight ticket. Depart only when flight available.

    Terms and Conditions

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    1. Player must register and guess the number of goals before designated time – 11PM 15 Feb 2022.

    2. After 5 working days from the expiry date, you  will be given instructions on how to claim the prizes.

    3. We have prepared a copy of your choice had been sent to your Email. Please take care of the email. If you win a prize, you need to present the email as your record for the prize.

    4. Only 1 submission are allowed per person. We will only take the first submission as the official result if players submitted multiple results.

    5. The result is calculated based on correct matches. Which means the number of score you inputed must be exactly same to the actual result only to be considered as a “correct matches”.

    6. SoccerSport reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.