Barcelona can get a compensation!

Clubs certainly don’t want their players to be injured, but if a player is unfortunate enough to be injured, it’s also a comfort to get some compensation.

According to relevant reports, in the case of Araujo’s serious injury, Barcelona can get a compensation.

According to FIFA’s player protection plan, if a player is injured during the national team, as long as the injury exceeds 28 days, the club can receive a certain amount of compensation every day. Specifically, Araujo will receive about 10,000 euros a day.

The compensation paid by FIFA is calculated on the basis of the player’s fixed salary, excluding variable bonuses, and can reach a maximum of 7.5 million euros. This is equivalent to 365 days for the player to recover from injury, 20,000 euros per day. It is worth noting that FIFA has prepared about 80 million euros in compensation for emergencies.

Araujo himself, the club’s medical department and the coaching staff will hold a meeting to determine whether he will continue to need surgery.

If Araujo is out for 30 days, Barcelona will receive 300,000 euros in compensation. But from a competitive level, this compensation cannot make up for the loss of Araujo’s absence to the team at all.

If Araujo were to miss a month and a half (45 days), that figure would rise to 450,000 euros. This isn’t the first time Barca have been awarded compensation to generate funds for the situation. Dembele’s surgery during last year’s European Championship earned Barcelona more than 2.7 million euros in compensation.

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