Awkward moments ever! Ronaldo’s son admit that MU bad

Cristiano Ronaldo JR, who has just joined Manchester United’s junior programme, has created controversy after acknowledging in a brief video that Manchester United’s recent dismal performance has prompted intense debate.

A video was just re-posted on the internet. This is a Ronaldo video. Ronaldo may be embarrassed by what he said on the video.

Ronaldo, dressed in a Manchester United shirt, converses with the photographer in the video. When asked if he is enjoying his life today, Ronaldo simply answered in English, “sure.”

The photographer then asked Cristiano Ronaldo if he agreed with Manchester United’s recent poor performance, to which he replied “absolutely.”

Naturally, the British media seized the chance and created a stir.

Cristiano Ronaldo has demonstrated some football ability, and he has frequently complimented his potential in public. Following in his father’s footsteps, Ronaldo got training at Real Madrid and Juventus’ junior programmes, before switching to Manchester United and wearing the No. 7 shirt.

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