Barcelona crushed the wall! 4 players injured in one round of games

The European National League has bring challenges to Barcelona. Judging from the current situation, on the first day of the international match Day in September, four Barcelona players suffered injuries.

In the Netherlands’ 2-0 away victory over Poland, De Jong was replaced in the 46th minute. Van Garder said after the game that De Jong had some problems with his thigh muscles.In the 52nd minute of the game, Depay also left the field due to injury. It is reported that he also had a thigh muscle problem.

In France’s 2-0 victory over Austria, Koundé left the field due to injury in the 23rd minute of the game, and Dembele also suffered an injury after the game.

On this international match day, a total of 18 Barcelona players were called up by national teams of various countries, which is the team with the most Chinese players in the five major leagues. However, after only one round of the game, four Barcelona players suffered injuries. This is a big challenge to Barcelona, which currently has a good record.

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