Fan’s mother slams ronaldo

Recently, Ronaldo took off a small fan’s mobile phone and caused a bruise on the back of the fan’s hand, which caused a heated discussion. Ronaldo apologized on social networking sites and said he hoped to invite the young fan to watch the game at Old Trafford.

However, the young fan’s mother Sarah does not think Ronaldo is apologizing.

Sara said in an interview: “Cristiano Ronaldo’s apology or non-apology makes me even more angry. I think, it’s rude – you tell everyone you have apologised, but you don’t. Well, you have Put the statement on social media, but you should apologise to my son.”

“He had a few hours to think about it. He should have found our contact information, got in touch privately, and said he’d spoken to us and posted something. I’d be more satisfied that way.”

Sarah revealed that the police and staff were at the scene, and they were immediately taken into a room and made a statement. She even thought Ronaldo might be looking for them before they left Goodison Park, but they didn’t hear more until Ronaldo posted an unrealistic apology on Instagram that night.

“He’s posted what he posted and I’m quite shocked that Manchester United didn’t make a statement for us to get in touch with them. They should have a conscience and not say the fans can come to me.”

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