Jordi Insulting referee

In Barcelona’s 0-1 loss at home to Cadiz, Barcelona veteran Alba exposed the worst side.

The always-passionate defender lost his head in the heat of the game, insulting the referee as well as the opposing players and coaches in an intolerable way.

Alba repeatedly confronted referee Jaime Ratley, calling him a “son of a son of a bitch” and other insulting language.

Alba received a yellow card for this, but despite his constant complaints to the referee on the field, he was not sent off.

On the field, Alba’s mentality was completely unbalanced. He actually kicked the opponent’s player Alejo from behind and kicked the opponent’s calf. That was not playing at all.

This action alone can get him a red card, but the referee did not see this picture, and VAR did not remind the referee.

However, the TV cameras captured all kinds of rough scenes of Alba on the field.

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