Masterclass at Etihad Stadium

Atletico Madrid put on a Diego Simeone master class for more than 70 minutes, and it was really good. In the next row, there was Phil Foden, then.

He came on in the 68th minute, and City were 1-0 up in less than 90 seconds. They were on their way to a perfect start to a 10-day stretch that could be the best of their season.

The Premier League semi-final is on Sunday, and the second leg takes place in Madrid on Tuesday. The FA Cup semi-final is on Saturday at Wembley, and the final takes place on Sunday. In less than 20 minutes, Foden said that everyone should start.

After the game, Kevin De Bruyne went over to Kevin De Bruyne and gave him a hug and a handshake. There is a good chance that City would not have been able to beat Simeone’s tight game plan if Foden had been on the bench. The tie may have gone into extra time.

Guardiola said after the game: “It’s hard to find space against a strong opponent.” Defending against a team that’s so tight and deep makes it hard to do well at all. These people are very good at the game, and they might get back at you when you try to fight back. Phil is a one-of-a-kind man. Receive: His attention is always on the next person. He is calm enough to help Kevin.

Great! We had more chances but 1-0 to Madrid is so great that we’re all happy. “I didn’t think I’d win 3- or 4-nil.

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