Milan vs Inter. Abandon the cup to protect the league?

Now there are one-offs almost every day, which is a good thing, indicating that the restrictions have been lifted. Today is the Milan derby, and it is also a game that I have been looking forward to for a long time.

I thought that the two teams would adjust their state to the best before the game, stepping on the same city opponent to enter the Coppa Italia final, what a joy, it is simply Champagne can be opened. But the Milan duo have lost points together in the last two games and are in a very sluggish state.

Now is the critical period of the league championship. This game also raised some doubts about the fighting spirit. Will these two brothers or one of them let go of this Coppa Italia in order to protect the league?

There’s no reason to let it go. You don’t even dare to confront him in this game. How can you directly compete with him for the championship? The success or failure of this game is related to the morale of the army. Well, problems such as the physical fitness of the regional schedule have to be delayed a little.

However, it needs to be reminded that both teams can accept a draw in the first round, and there is still a second game anyway. I think of the League Cup between Chelsea and Liverpool a few days ago, and even the tactical styles are somewhat similar.

Milan and Chelsea are the same as defenders, Inter Milan and Liverpool are the same as the main attack.

I think Inter’s problem is relatively clear, because in the past two games, losing to Sassuolo and drawing with Genoa, Inter still dominated the field and created countless shooting opportunities, but they couldn’t break the goal.

Inzaghi tried two striker combinations of Dzeko and Sanchez and Lautaro and Sanchez, but neither scored. It’s true that Lautaro’s feet are not going well, but could it be Sanchez’s problem?

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