MU Members Hope Ronaldo Leave

It is reported that Ronaldo has asked to leave Manchester United, and some Manchester United players are happy to see him leave the team.

According to The Times, some Manchester United players are happy to see Ronaldo leave because they will feel freer and perform better if the Portuguese superstar is not in the team next season.

Ronaldo’s return last summer after a 12-year absence from Manchester United has been a source of division in the dressing room, with some players intimidated by the 37-year-old’s will to win games at all costs.

According to Manchester United players, Cristiano Ronaldo’s return has changed Manchester United’s dressing room. In order to maintain his state, in addition to training hard, Cristiano Ronaldo also pays great attention to a healthy diet, which affects Manchester United players.

Bailly once revealed: “We all stopped eating dessert, everyone stopped eating, no one dared to eat it. Because when everyone was sitting down, one of them said, ‘What’s on Cristiano’s plate?’ Obviously , his plate is the healthiest dish you can imagine.”

On Monday, Cristiano Ronaldo did not report back to the team due to family problems, but on the same day, Cristiano Ronaldo was photographed driving to the Portuguese national team training base.

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