Paris compete with Barcelona for B Seat

The B seat has asked Barcelona to send an offer to Manchester City as soon as possible to complete the transfer. If Barcelona cannot send an offer in time, he will make another choice.

Barcelona also has a number of tasks to be dealt with at present. Only after completing the registration for Conde, introducing Alonso, and sending away some players to free up salary space, Barcelona can introduce the B seat.

The Times and the Daily Sports stated that Paris has interfered in the transfer of the B seat while Barcelona is still working on it for the midfielder. These transactions are not yet complete. Seventy million euros is the cost..

This offer did not reach the 100 million euros that Manchester City wanted, but Paris has taken the first step, and when Barcelona will send the offer has not yet been determined.

The first choice for seat B is still a move to Camp Nou, but the presence of Paris is another obstacle for them to negotiate with Manchester City.

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