Pressing tactics of mu is zero

Premier League legend Shearer has criticized Manchester United’s training situation, which he believes is the reason for their recent poor form.

Manchester United’s recent losses to Liverpool and Arsenal, Shearer analyzed the Manchester United-Arsenal game. He said: “The team announced a coaching change and they lost to Liverpool before that. For Arsenal, Rangnick adjusted the lineup and excluded Maguire from the starting lineup, so I think there will be a little reaction, of course in front of 20 or 30 minutes will change, but not at all.”

“In three minutes, they had three big mistakes. Varane and Telles made a mistake, and Dalot made a mistake for Tavares to score the first goal.”

“United have no pressing, no organisation, this team has zero understanding of when or how to press, probably because they don’t know how to do it, or they don’t train in training at all.”

“They don’t know how and when to do it. What they’re doing on the training ground, I don’t know because it looks like they’re doing nothing in terms of pressing.”

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