Neymar become the fifth scorer in Paris history

In the French Super Cup game in the early morning of August 1, Paris beat Nantes 4-0. Neymar performed very well in this game. In addition to assisting Messi to score, he also scored twice.

In the 21st minute of the game, Neymar went straight into the penalty area, and Messi scored after passing the opponent’s goalkeeper. In stoppage time in the first half, Neymar performed his own free kick stunt and scored directly to help the team rewrite the score to 2-0.

In the 82nd minute, Neymar was brought down by Castreto in the penalty area. The referee sent Castreto off and awarded a penalty kick. Neymar made a penalty and Paris finally won 4-0.

After scoring 2 goals in this game, Neymar has scored 102 goals in 145 games in Paris, ranking fifth in the team’s history of scorers.

Second only to Cavani with 200 goals, Mbappe with 171 goals, Ibrahimovic with 156 goals and Pauletta with 109 goals.

Neymar said after the game that the game was exciting and Paris played well. This is a game that can bring trophies to the team. Victory is what Paris needs.

Neymar also praised Messi, saying that people outside do not know what happened to the team, but Paris players can see Messi every day, and he is still a great player. Neymar said that he hopes that he, Messi and Mbappe can maintain this state throughout the season.

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