Premier League vs La Liga

As Manchester City survived an 11-minute stoppage time at the Wanda Metropolitano, and with Liverpool and Benfica’s goal battle tied at 3-3, this season’s Champions League semi-finals were all born.

Manchester City and Liverpool from the Premier League, Real Madrid and Villarreal from La Liga will each compete for two tickets to the final.

The four teams have different backgrounds and styles, and the coaches’ tactical thinking is also very different, but there is no doubt that everyone is the most stable team on the Champions League stage.

So from this point of view, the essence of the two semifinal matchups has surfaced.

The Premier League team needs to completely penetrate the opponents in front of them with the intensity and rhythm of their own pull, so as to ensure that after the physical strength declines, they will not lose the ball due to the disadvantage of technical ability, or lose too many balls, thus allowing the previous establishment. advantage was eroded.

On the other hand, La Liga teams need to try their best to ensure the safety of the goal under the strong attack of the opponent, or ensure that the gap is not too large, wait for the key window for the opponent to make mistakes or decline in physical fitness, and use their technical ability to create as many advantages as possible And opportunities, and finally try to seize these opportunities that may be hard-won.

Who can become the final winner and come to the final stage of the Big Ear Cup, depends on who can do better.

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