Real Madrid vs cádiz 0-0. Los Blancos’ onslaught fails again.

In the last game of the year, Real Madrid and Cádiz both won, so the two teams split the prize money. From the start, the league leaders took control of the ball and started to look for chances to score. Karim Benzema and Vini Jr. played a one-two, which led to the first corner of the game. Toni Kroos played it to Fede Valverde, but he missed. When Ferland Mendy took a shot with his right foot, it hit a defender and went over. During the 22nd minute, Valverde tried again to score from outside the area. Ledesma made a great save with the shot going for the top corner. Cádiz was in a tight spot.

Next, Vini Jr. tried to break into the box with a dummy, but he couldn’t finish the move because Fali got in the way. After the break, Madrid kept clinging to Cádiz, moving the ball faster and making more chances. He and Eden Hazard worked well together in front of the goal. Benzema was trying to play Vini Jr. in with the killer pass, but the goalkeeper stopped it. This is how it worked: Frenchman: Shortly after, the Frenchman found himself in a lot of space close to the penalty spot, but the offside flag popped up this time around. He sent a cross into the box for Hazard to head into the goal, but Ledesma was there again to keep it out.

During the second half, Vini Jr. tried to get into the box again three times, but the visitors’ back line was strong, with two lines of nine players. Vini Jr. During the last 20 minutes of the game, Carlo Ancelotti brought on Luka Jovi. The team was going all out in attack at the time. In one of the few chances the Amarillos had, lvaro Negredo came close to making the most of the extra space he was being given. The Whites had to let their guard down. At the last second, Madrid’s answer came from Benzema. Toward the end, the madridistas tried to get the Andalusians goal. They thought they had done enough to get the three points. Right up until the end, the leaders kept looking for a winner. But in the end, they couldn’t find anyone who won.

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