Barça scores record high

In this round of La Liga, Barcelona beat Valladolid 4-0 at home. In the game, Barcelona’s new aid Rafinha contributed 1 assist.

In the 24th minute, Rafinha made a cross from the right, and Lewandowski scored from close range.
Rafinha’s contribution is obviously more than assists. After the game, he won the highest score of 8.8 points from the scoring website.

In this game, Rafinha only played 61 minutes, and he contributed 1 assist.

In the game, he took 3 shots and 1 shot on target, but failed to score.

Rafinha successfully dribbled 3 times in 4 dribbles.

In the game, he touched the ball 77 times, passed the ball 45 times, and was in place 34 times. He made 6 key passes and created 2 scoring chances.

Rafinha made 4 of 11 crosses in place, and 1 long pass failed.

He won 4 of 5 ground fights and won 1 top fight.

Rafinha lost the ball 22 times in the game, he had 1 interception and 1 steal.

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