Mbappe 1 goal 1 center post

In the fifth round of Ligue 1, Paris beat Toulouse 3-0 away, Neymar and Mbappe got Messi assists respectively.

After Neymar opened the scoring for Paris, Mbappe expanded the score for Paris in the 50th minute. At that time, Messi made a cross from the left and Mbappe scored with a low shot. Paris led Toulouse 2-0.

The third goal of Paris also had the credit of Mbappe. At that time, he hit the door frame from a long distance, and Bernat scored a supplementary shot. In the end, Paris won 3-0.

Mbappe has made 4 appearances in Ligue 1 this season and has scored 5 goals. He had scored 1 goal against Montpellier and scored a hat-trick against Lille.

Since the beginning of last season, Mbappe has scored 33 goals and 17 assists in Ligue 1, directly involved in 50 goals, which is at least 7 goals higher than any other five major league players.

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