Mbappe is the first penalty taker

In the fourth round of Ligue 1, Paris drew 1-1 with Monaco at home.

It was Neymar who scored the goal for Paris. He created a penalty kick and scored in the 66th minute to help Paris make it 1-1.

At that time, Neymar was tripped by Maripan in the penalty area. The referee whistled a penalty after VAR looked back. Neymar played the left side of the goal and succeeded.

Previously, Neymar and Mbappe had friction because of the problem of taking penalties. Barcelona coach Galtier also said that it has been confirmed that Mbappe is the first penalty kicker and Neymar is the second.

As for why Neymar took the penalty again this time, Galtier explained that he said that the order of the penalty taker has not changed. “The order has been set, Mbappe is the first, Neymar is the second, but the actual situation has to be considered. I saw them communicate and it is important for Mbappe to feel good about the game. More important Yes, he went to congratulate after Neymar scored.”

Galtier said: “I like Mbappe’s attitude and Neymar’s attitude of thanking him. They are all great players, and it is up to them to decide what to do according to their own feelings.”

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