Chelsea announced that Kante has undergone surgery and will be absent for 4 months

Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante will miss the World Cup due to injury, which is a serious blow to the French team, and French coach Deschamps expressed his great regret.

Kante has been recovering from his injury since August, and Chelsea officials confirmed on Tuesday that he has undergone hamstring surgery and is expected to be absent for four months, which means he will definitely miss the World Cup starting next month.

Looking forward to the prospects of defending the World Cup, French coach Deschamps admitted that Kante’s absence has weakened the team’s strength. “After two seasons of injuries, especially muscle problems, I feel sorry for him and he is also very disappointed.”

In the last World Cup, Kante’s outstanding performance was one of the reasons why France won the championship. Deschamps said: “Without him, the strength of the national team will definitely be damaged. His experience and ability are crucial, and he is very optimistic and always exudes positive energy. Everyone will miss him.”

Some key players in France, including midfielder Paul Pogba and defender Kim Pengbei, may also miss the World Cup due to injuries. On Tuesday, Paul Pogba participated in part of Juventus’ training, but there are still doubts about whether he can participate in the World Cup.

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