Barce offer araujo x3 salary

According to Spanish media reports, Barcelona has set a salary cap on Araujo’s renewal.

Araujo’s contract with Barcelona expires in June 2023, and the two sides have not renewed the contract. The player’s role in the Barcelona team is getting bigger and bigger, and both sides want to renew the contract, but each has its own conditions.

Araujo’s current annual salary is only 900,000 euros. It is reported that Barcelona has offered him three times the annual salary, which is about 3 million euros.

Barcelona also informed Araujo that this will be the final offer and that Barcelona will not raise the offer.

However, Araujo was invited by Premier League clubs, and their annual salaries were higher than those offered by Barcelona. In addition, substitutes like Umtiti and Lenglet also have an annual salary of 6 million euros in the Barcelona team, which is what Araujo hopes to get.

Therefore, it is difficult for Araujo to accept Barcelona’s contract extension, and he may become the next Dembele.

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