Messi returns to argentina

According to Argentine media reports, although Messi was unable to play in Paris against Monaco last weekend because of a cold, he will represent Argentina in the next World Qualifiers.

Argentina will play Venezuela at home on the 25th of this month, and will play Ecuador away four days later.

Argentine media reported that Messi missed the training on Friday and Saturday because of a bad cold, and did not participate in the Ligue 1 game.

In order to return to China in better physical condition, he postponed his flight back to Argentina for a day.

Di Maria and Paredes will also travel back to Argentina on Messi’s private jet. Messi waited to leave on Monday night. Most of the other players left on Sunday.

Messi missed the World Qualifiers in January because of the new crown. Although Argentina has already qualified, Argentina will take this opportunity to train troops, and Messi, as the core of the team, naturally cannot be absent.

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