De Jong won’t leave the team

De Jong was reluctant to follow the club’s arrangements. Although Barcelona asked him to leave the team, he still refused to accept a move to Manchester United.

According to various reports, Barcelona and Manchester United have reached a transfer agreement for De Jong, with a total price of 85 million euros.

“Daily Sports” reported that De Jong has told his teammates in the locker room: “I can’t leave. How can I leave?”

De Jong insists he is happy at Barcelona and will not accept Manchester United’s offer. In fact, he had told his agent on Thursday that he would not accept Manchester United’s offer.

De Jong, who recently bought a house in Barcelona’s Pedralbes district, sees his future in the city. He loves living in Barcelona and thinks he can still do a lot for Barcelona.

De Jong’s ideas clashed with the club’s plans, and his teammates didn’t know who could win the battle.

Barcelona needs to register players. De Jong’s departure can free up salary space of 30 million euros, allowing Barcelona to register Casey and Christensen.

“Daily Sports Daily” and “World Sports Daily” have reported that Barcelona has issued an expulsion order for De Jong, and if he still insists on not leaving the team, he will take punitive measures, such as not including him in the team’s US tour. in the list.

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