Play the Big Four in 28 minutes

Serbian striker Jovic has just recently joined Fiorentina as a free agent (Real Madrid does not charge a transfer fee but retains 50% of the ownership), and he also made his preseason debut soon, and staged a big four in 28 minutes.

The 24-year-old Jovic became famous in Frankfurt and joined Real Madrid in 2019, but his performance has been unsatisfactory for three seasons. During this period, he also returned to Frankfurt, but his performance still did not improve. Real Madrid is also in this summer. Its free to send away.

Surprisingly, Jovic, who had a mediocre performance at Real Madrid, “killed the Quartet” in the first game of the transfer, which can be said to be surprising.

Against Vicenza, Fiorentina won 7-0. Jovic only played 28 minutes and gave a super performance, scoring 4 goals with ease. The impression of mediocre performance has changed, and it can be described as a brave time.

Interestingly, he played 51 games in Real Madrid, but scored a total of 3 goals. Now he scores more goals in a game than in his 3 seasons at Real Madrid, which makes people laugh and cry.

Perhaps this battle is Jovic wanting to get the attention of the coach before the World Cup, but in any case, three days apart, that is to be treated with admiration, and now Jovic has changed his past decadence, and has the opportunity to Fiorentina to shine. Second spring.

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