Erling Haaland Participated in 7 Games and Contributed 12 Goals and 1 Assist

Erling Haaland has been seamlessly connected as soon as he joined Manchester City, and it seems that he has integrated into Manchester City’s tactical system without adapting. Evidence from Erling Haaland;s performance, 7 games contributed 12 goals and 1 assist.

In the first round of the Champions League group stage against Juventus, he scored twice again. It is worth mentioning that after joining Manchester City, Haaland played 7 Premier League and Champions League games, and he participated in scoring goals in every game. It can be said that he is the guarantee of Manchester City’s goals.

Against West Ham in the first round of the Premier League, he scored twice. Against Bournemouth, he assisted once. Against Newcastle, he scored 1 goal. Against Crystal Palace, Haaland scored a hat-trick. Against Nottingham Forest, Haaland scored a hat-trick again.

Against Aston Villa, Haaland scored one goal, and in this round of the Champions League against Sevilla, Haaland scored twice.

In 7 games, Haaland scored 12 goals, made 1 assist, and participated in 13 goals.

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