Jamie Carragher criticize Bailly and pointed Maguire is better!

Ex-Manchester United player Eric Bailly said that Manchester United avoid favoring English players and give everyone a chance to compete fairly. On the other hand, England star, Jamie Carragher criticized Eric Bailly’s long-term injury and poor performance on the field, which is naturally not as good as Harry Maguire.

Bailly: Manchester United should avoid favoring British players. Erik ten Hag wants me to stay but I want to go.

Carragher retweeted the news of Bailly’s interview on social media and commented: “It’s complete nonsense. Eric Bailly has been absent from the game with a long-term injury, and even if he plays, his performance is extremely poor. That’s why Manchester United has been buying players to replace him. Maguire is a better defender than him!”

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