Mbappe’s And Europe Energy

It is reported that in order to ensure the safety of natural gas, the European side will make every effort to ensure that Mbappe stays in Paris.

According to this news, because France and Qatar are allies, in order to avoid Qatar’s dissatisfaction, France must keep Mbappe in Paris. This year’s World Cup is held in Qatar. Qatar owns the Paris Saint-Germain club. If an important star like Mbappe is poached by Real Madrid this year, it will definitely be a shame for Qatar.

It is reported that neither France nor Europe wants to offend Qatar now, because they want to get rid of their dependence on Russian natural gas, so they want Qatar to sell more natural gas to France and Europe.

In addition, Spain is also discussing energy issues with Qatar recently. In order not to offend Qatar, it may also put pressure on Real Madrid to let Real Madrid give up Mbappe.

A player is actually involved in such a grand international affairs. Is this because Mbappe has great influence, or is the news a little unreliable?

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