Premier League title loss

After suffering the blow of losing the Premier League title, Liverpool still have the most important game of the season to play: the Champions League final against Real Madrid on May 28.

Salah himself has been in the spotlight since the beginning, and even after he eliminated Villarreal, Salah shouted the slogan of revenge against Real Madrid, and he has said this more than once.

Now, after dropping the Premier League title, Salah continues to show his ambitions.

Salah has previously stated that he wants to settle accounts with Real Madrid. And now, he wrote on social networking sites: “This is not over.”

Salah warned those who thought they would give up in the Champions League final. Liverpool have been hit hard, but they don’t have Barbie Q yet.

The Liverpool No. 11 is having an extraordinary season. Although he failed to help the team win the title, 23 goals made him the top scorer in the Premier League, in addition to 15 assists as the best assister.

Although the dream of winning the quadruple crown is broken, the team has already won the League Cup and FA Cup before, and now he just wants to avenge Real Madrid in the Champions League final and win the championship.

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