McTominay’s last-minute lore counterattack!

In the fourth round of the Europa League group stage, Manchester United beat Omonia 1-0 at home with McTominay’s last-minute goal.

After the game, McTominay, who scored the lore, was voted the best player of the game by Manchester United fans.

In this game, Manchester United had as many as 34 shots, which is the record for a single side in the Europa League in the past two seasons. But it wasn’t until the 93rd minute that the goal was scored. Eriksen passed the ball, Sancho’s shot was blocked and the line was changed.

After the game, in the selection of the best player in the team organized by Manchester United’s official website, McTominay won 40% of the fans’ support rate and was named the best in the team for the game. Casemiro and Rashford both tied for second with 17% of the vote, with Ronaldo with 6%.

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