Messi’s networth is about to be cut

On Monday, the authoritative German “transfer market” website revealed that they were about to cut Messi’s worth, and for this reason, four prices were given for fans to speculate.

At present, the price set by Germany to transfer Messi is 60 million euros.

The German transfer gave 4 options for fans to choose: 50 million euros, 45 million euros, 40 million euros and 35 million euros.

Regarding the German transfer issue, some fans said that they will give Messi 35 million euros so that Barcelona can buy him back.

Messi’s highest worth once reached 180 million euros, but because of age and contract duration, his worth has been continuously reduced. Still, a price tag of 60 million euros would put him at 50th among the world’s players. Ranked second among Argentine players and first among players of his age.

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