Players in Paris become money slaves

Barcelona president Laporta talked about Paris, Messi and Neymar in an interview with Catalan newspaper Sport.

Regarding the rumors that Paris wants to purge Neymar, Laporta said: “Who doesn’t like Neymar? He is an excellent player. He has a contract with Paris, and he has a contract for four or five years. These are similar to those in Paris. Players signed by clubs have become slaves to money.”

Messi is also a slave of money? Laporta said: “This will have to wait and see. We all want him to end his career here, but for whatever reason it is not possible. Because of the financial regulations of La Liga, and the invitation from Paris, This is impossible. Once these players enter Paris, they find that they cannot leave. There is a country behind Paris and they have a lot of money.”

Regarding the possibility of Neymar leaving the team, Laporta said that maybe Paris can pay a huge sum of money to let Neymar leave early.

Regarding the possibility of the return of Messi and Neymar, Laporta said that it is only possible to return freely, because Barcelona cannot afford the transfer fees of these players. But even if Barcelona had the ability, they wouldn’t do it because it’s irrational.

Regarding the renewal of Mbappe and Paris, the Barcelona president said that this distorted the market and violated all principles of the EU.

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