Pogba’s injury make him missing the World Cup

According to foreign reports, the worst-case scenario for Juventus midfielder Pogba’s injury is that he will miss the Qatar World Cup this winter and be reimbursed in 2022.

Earlier this month, Pogba was officially announced to join Juventus as a free agent for the second time, both times from Manchester United. During last Saturday’s training, the French midfielder left the field with a right knee injury without confrontation, and has since been diagnosed with a lateral meniscus injury.

Originally, Juventus planned to have him directly operated in the United States, but then they changed their plans and arranged for him to return to Italy for further treatment.

There are usually two treatments for meniscal injuries, which are simply “removal” or “suturing.” The recovery period for “excision” is relatively short, 40-60 days, but it is detrimental to the player’s sports career. “Suture” is a more secure treatment option, but it takes longer, 3-5 months.

If the second treatment option is adopted, it is almost impossible for Pogba to catch up with the World Cup, and the return time will go straight to 2023.

It is not clear which treatment Pogba will take, but the Italian media has begun to focus on Manchester United, and various media including “Mi Body” and “Football Market” have said that it was during Manchester United’s time. The old injury has not been cured for a long time, which has led to Pogba’s current bad condition.

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