No signing from Real Madrid anymore

Real Madrid president Florentino was interviewed after Real Madrid beat Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0 to win the UEFA Super Cup.

Galeries Lafayette said: “We have had a good season, and this Super Cup fills us with hope. First of all, we must contribute to reaching the final and then win the final. We have a great team and have done a good job.”

Speaking of Ancelotti’s work, Florentino said: “Ancelotti has managed this team very well, he is a big part of the success and we are starting this with great excitement. The new season starts on Sunday. It’s really going well for us this year, no one can be dissatisfied, but we have to keep working and work every day for our future.”

Regarding the team’s signings, Florentino said: “We must continue to train well, Ancelotti has managed the team, and we are not thinking about other things at the moment.”

Talking about Benzema’s replacement, Lafayette said: “Look at all our strikers, he is not injured, but if he is injured, we have so many strikers, it will not affect. Ballon d’Or? In In my opinion, he deserved it last year, and this year even more so.”

Regarding the comparison with the legendary chairman of the Bernabeu, Florentino said: “The chairman of the Bernabeu has another story, he is the creator of Real Madrid, you can’t just measure him with the trophy, I just try to get close to his height. When You’re always special when you win, but I don’t think it’s comparable.”

Regarding the fact that Barcelona has made a large number of signings, Florentino said: “There are some seasons where we all do better or worse, but Barcelona is one of the most important clubs in the world, and like Real Madrid, he must It’s good for everyone, for world football, to go back to your own heights.”

Speaking of this season, Florentino said: “We can’t win everything in our lifetime, but we have to work hard to continue to satisfy the fans, we are in the best shape.”

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