Ronaldo rejects Saudi Arabia’s 240 million contract

Ronaldo rejected the super offers from the two clubs in Saudi Arabia, but the media did not disclose the name of the team that offered Ronaldo. Now, the names of the two clubs have been disclosed.

Meshal, chairman of the Saudi Football Association, revealed that Ronaldo rejected the invitations of Saudi Hilal Club and Riyadh Victory Club.

It is reported that Hilal offered Ronaldo a super salary of 242 million euros for two years. If accepted, Ronaldo’s weekly salary will be as high as 2.3 million euros.

However, Ronaldo did not want to play in Saudi Arabia, so he clearly rejected the offer. In addition, the Riyadh Victory Club also offered a similar price, which was also rejected by Ronaldo.

It is worth mentioning that Ronaldo had previously rejected Saudi Arabia’s sky-high endorsement contract, but Messi accepted it, which also caused some controversy. Some media criticized Messi for cleaning up the image of Saudi Arabia.

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