Juventus lore cancelled and 3 sent off

In this round of Serie A, Juventus drew 2-2 with Salernitana. At the last moment of the game, Milik scored a goal, but it was cancelled.

At that time, Juventus took a corner kick and Milik scored with a header, but the referee Marcenaro watched the VAR and thought that Bonucci was in an offside position to interfere with the goalkeeper, and the goal was invalid. Milik was sent off for taking off his clothes and celebrating after scoring two yellow cards. Players from both sides also clashed, and Juventus coach Allegri, Juventus player Cuadrado, and Salernitana player Fazio were all sent off.

Marcolin, who has played for Lazio, Napoli and other teams, said it was incomprehensible that the goal was cancelled. Marcolin said it was a strange penalty and Bonucci did not affect anyone’s actions.

Such a penalty not only made Juventus lose 2 points, but also sent off 3 people, including coach Allegri, which is unacceptable.

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