Specialize in World Wave! Di Maria’s last 4 goals are all important

In the 15th round of the South American region of the World Cup qualifiers, Argentina beat Chile 2-1 away, and Di Maria opened the scoring for the team.

In the absence of head coach Scaloni, assistant coach Aimar, and the team’s top star Messi, it was Di Maria who stood up and scored the first goal for the Argentina team.

In the 9th minute, DePaul passed the ball, Di Maria took the ball from the right and brought the ball to the frontcourt, then got rid of the opponent, and after swinging out of the upper left corner of the opponent’s penalty area, he kicked a beautiful curved ball from 30 meters away.

This is Di Maria’s 22nd goal for the Argentine national team. He has entered the top 10 of the national team’s historical scorer list. With one more goal, he will be able to tie the 9th Passarella.

Di Maria entered the World Cup with the Argentina national team. Each of his last 4 goals for the national team is important. In the 2018 World Cup, he scored 1 goal against France. In the Copa America final, he scored 1 goal against Brazil. He also scored 1 goal each against Uruguay in the preliminaries and against Chile this time.

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