Brighton vs Chelsea 1-1. The Blues have lost eight points.

As winter set in, the roads were slippery on approach to the Amex Stadium, and Chelsea slipped up once more.

The European champions failed to rekindle their dormant championship challenge as temperatures plunged on the south coast, and they once again froze on the Premier League stage.

Brighton deserved to be given a point. Chelsea should be glad for the draw; things might have been a lot worse.

Chelsea are, without a doubt, stuck in a rut. Only one win in seven league games makes for depressing reading. Thomas Tuchel will have his job cut out for him in trying to resurrect his sagging side based on this data. Some may refer to the fact that they are still in the Champions League and FA Cup, as well as the upcoming Carabao Cup final.

But that’s only sweeping their problems under the rug. After today, they are 12 points behind leaders Manchester City, and their title ambitions appear to be over. If they aren’t cautious, they will find themselves in a competition for the top four, not the championship.

‘We are physically and psychologically exhausted, and it shows in our performance,’ said Tuchel, whose team has played six games in January, compared to Brighton’s four.

Tuchel, who appeared irritated after the game, stated that he will give his team two days free before beginning preparations for Sunday’s match against Tottenham.

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