Liverpool have two games left. 60 points in 24 rounds is fantastic.

Manchester City won again. In this round of the Premier League, they beat Brentford 2-0. After 24 rounds, the points reached 60 points, 12 points ahead of Liverpool who played 2 games less.

Although Guardiola played down the possibility of winning the title early, he also admitted that getting 6 points after 24 rounds is very good.

Guardiola said after the game that it was not easy for Manchester City to win: “The opponent’s goal is difficult to break, but we are aggressive, pressing the opponent, being patient, not making mistakes, and finally getting the result we want.”

“I am very satisfied with the performance of the players. We only allowed the opponent to shoot once and the opponent’s corner kicks were very few. They all retreated, which made it very difficult for us.”

Manchester City is currently 12 points ahead of second-placed Liverpool, and Guardiola said: “Liverpool has 2 games left, and after the same number of games, we will see how big the gap is. We still have 14 rounds ahead, and we have to fight for it. A lot of points and a tough fight like today. Any opponent is tough, of course, getting 60 points at this stage shows that we’ve done well so far.”

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