Watford vs Arsenal 2-3, Gunners defeat relegation-threatened

Mikel Arteta complained about the defensive structure and lack of control of his Arsenal team, and a scare at the end will only make him think they aren’t perfect. But his team is growing, and so is his confidence that they can win the Champions League.

In the end, they just had too much for poor Watford. This is a sign that they aren’t ready to be adults, but Arteta’s team won their fourth game in a row.

Because they have a lot of games to play and there are no distractions, they are well-prepared. They have a stable team and key players who are in good shape. Not even Bukayo Saka is an example of how quickly a team can learn. He made the first goal and then scored the second goal, and he is an example of how quickly a team can learn.

‘What you learn from those hard times is more likely than if you had scored that goal.’

A lot of players will never get to do something like this, but I think it was good for Bukayo. How much they like and respect him is shown by the people in football.

In football, I don’t think there’s much more you can get than that, except for winning medals. In hard times, he knew: ‘These people are really going to help me,’ which gave him a big boost.

At the back, they’re still a little shaky. Watford, who played a lot in a fun game with four beautiful goals, had enough chances to leave Roy Hodgson with a vague sense of what could have been.

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