One shot victory in final from Vinicius

The UEFA official website announced that Venetius was named the Champions League Rookie of the Year this season.

In the Champions League final, Vinicius scored the only goal of the game to help Real Madrid win. He has 4 goals and 6 assists in the Champions League this season, most of which came to Benzema. The two are very efficient partners.

When Benzema scored, Vinicius showed his speed and creative flair.

“The hardest thing in football is scoring goals,” Ancelotti said after the Champions League final. “You need to take your time and be cold-blooded, and that’s what Vinicius has done this season. Today, he’s done for this brilliance. The finishing touch to the season.”

Vinicius’ Champions League statistics this season:

Appearances: 13 times

Goals: 4

Assists: 6

Average running per game: 10.24 kilometers

Fastest speed: 35.4 km/h

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