Ronaldo will be forced to stay in the team

The news from the British Telegraph reporter James Ducker said that the possibility of Ronaldo being forced to stay at Manchester United is becoming more and more likely, but he may only be a substitute in the first round of the Premier League game against Brighton.

In the game against Vallecano, Ronaldo played half-time after his return. During the half-time break, Ronaldo’s exchange with Ten Hag did not seem to be friendly. Ronaldo was replaced after that and left the game before the game was over.

Ten Hag believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is not ready to start, and he is likely to sit on the bench against Brighton.

Bayern, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and other teams have no intention of introducing Cristiano Ronaldo, and the rumors with Naples have not yet become reality.

At present, Ronaldo has fewer and fewer teams to choose from. British media believe that Ronaldo may be forced to stay at Manchester United next season, while the club has always said that Ronaldo is not for sale.

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