Cristiano Ronaldo arrives in Saudi Arabia!! All proceeds earned will be donated!

On Tuesday, the official account of Victory in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia posted pictures showing that Ronaldo had arrived in Riyadh.

The Riyadh Victory official released a picture of Ronaldo sitting in the car greeting the fans and wrote: “Ladies and gentlemen, Ronaldo has come here!”

Victory in Riyadh also posted a picture of Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina accepting flowers from young fans, and wrote: “After conquering Europe, the idol superstar’s new task is to conquer Asia!”

It is reported that Ronaldo will undergo the second part of the physical examination on Tuesday. The time for Ronaldo’s official appearance will be at 00:00 on January 4th, Beijing time. At that time, the Victory Stadium in Riyadh will be full of seats, and all proceeds from Ronaldo’s appearance ceremony will be donated Give to charity.

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