Soccer team without ronaldo! Goncalo Ramos hit the strongest record!

Soccer team without ronaldo!

No matter what the circumstances, Ronaldo seems to be the one who gets the most attention. Even if he starts the game from the bench, it doesn’t prevent most of the photographers from turning their cameras during the group photo session before the game. This is probably the most lively scene on the bench.

Unexpectedly, Santos showed courage when he entered the knockout round of life and death.

Ronaldo era is the past

Born in 2001, Gonzalo Ramos from Benfica became the striker to replace Ronaldo. Previously, the 21-year-old had only played 34 minutes for Portugal. However, on such an important occasion, the coaching staff gave him great trust.

Left foot, right foot, violent shot, light rubbing shot. This Ramos seems to be omnipotent. He represented the national team for the first time and declared it with his first hat-trick in this World Cup. This position will be his sooner or later.

In this morning’s 6:1 victory over Switzerland, Ramos perfectly demonstrated his wizard’s magic. First, there was a half-turn shot from a small angle, and the experienced Somo might not have thought that he would choose to shoot in that situation.

In the match between Spain and Morocco that ended earlier, Morata also took the ball from a similar angle twice, one left and one right, but they were more conservative and did not choose to shoot. Ramos’ kick only makes people think that there is a good shooter. Afterwards, he outflanked Dalot’s cross in front of the goal and rubbed his right foot, showing the center forward’s awareness of grabbing points and his calm shooting skills in front of the goal. He scored a hat-trick for the first time in the World Cup. The last person to do this was Klose 20 years ago.

For the Portuguese team, of course, it is not time to be complacent and count the gains. But behind such a hearty victory, everyone saw the courage of Santos, the proper handling of the relationship within the team, and a perfect solution.

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