Premier League quarter-finals draw results are good

The results of the Champions League group draw were released. In this draw, Barcelona and Bayern were divided into one group, Paris and Juventus group, Dortmund and Manchester City group. Zhan Jun’s opponent said that the theme of the draw for this UEFA Champions League group stage is reunion, and Lewandowski, Di Maria and Haaland will all play against their old clubs.

Regarding the draw results of the Premier League teams, Zhan Jun said that the results of the four teams are all good, and they all seem to have a chance to advance to the top 16.

Among them, Liverpool are in a group with Ajax, Naples and Rangers. Tottenham are in a group with Frankfurt, Sporting and Marseille. Chelsea are in a group with AC Milan, Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb. Manchester City are in a group with Sevilla, Dortmund and Copenhagen.

Regarding the group of death that Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Inter Milan and Pilsen won, Zhan Jun said that the most unlucky team is probably the victory of Czech league champion Pilsen, and there is little hope of winning third place in the group. In addition, the three giants in the “death group” all have the opportunity to grab the top spot. Bayern is a big hit, but the defense line has not yet been tested. It takes time for Barcelona to get too many new aids. Inter Milan’s return to Lukaku has increased compared to last season. reduce. Looking forward to coming on September 6th!

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