Getting closer to the end of career? Messi: I feel like there is less and less time

In an interview with ex-national team teammate, Messi was asked about the possibility of returning to Argentina to play in the final stage of his career.

Messi said: “I don’t know. So many things have happened. This is my dream since I was a kid. I can play in the Argentine League and go to the court to play. But today the situation depends on many things. I have my family, three children, and my life has just undergone a big change, which has made me and my whole family pay a lot. Today I have overcome the difficulties and we feel very good.”

However, Messi said that he is getting closer and closer to retirement. “I like to play football. I enjoy it. The only thing I do in my life is to play football. I believe that the future will still be related to football, although I don’t know what the connection will be. But I don’t think I will play anymore.”

“Because of my age, I see less and less time to do things. Today, I enjoy everything more, in my daily life, in the club and the national team.”

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