Argentina has been undefeated in 36 games! But those big win from weak team let people worrying.

On Wednesday, Argentina defeated the United Arab Emirates 5-0 in a warm-up match. Di Maria scored twice, and Messi, Alvarez and Correa also scored.

After winning this game, Argentina’s unbeaten record has been increased to 36 games, surpassing the unbeaten data of Brazil and Spain, and only one game away from Italy’s 37-game unbeaten record.

The last time Argentina lost was in the semi-finals of the Copa America in July 2019, when they lost 0-2 to Brazil.

Recently, Argentina has won consecutive victories in warm-up matches, including a 5-0 victory over Estonia, a 3-0 victory over Honduras, a 3-0 victory over Jamaica, and a 5-0 victory over the United Arab Emirates.

But this has also raised some concerns: will Argentina be too smooth?Several warm-up matches were played against the underdog, and Argentina won all the way. Argentina needs a little frustration, otherwise it will not be conducive to solving the problem after encountering setbacks in the World Cup.

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