Qatar World Cup Start A Day Earlier

FIFA officially announced that the Qatar World Cup will start a day earlier and will be played at 7 pm on November 20 (12 am Malaysia time on November 21).

This Qatar World Cup was originally scheduled to be held from November 21 to December 18. According to the previous schedule, the first match will be the Group A match between Senegal and the Netherlands, at 1pm on November 21 (Malaysian time 11 The match between Qatar and Ecuador was originally scheduled to be played six hours later (12am Malaysia time on November 22).

However, FIFA said that it has changed the World Cup schedule because it hopes to continue the World Cup tradition of the hosts playing the opener in the past.

After the schedule change, the World Cup kicks off a day earlier and will kick off at 7pm on November 20. The opening match of the World Cup will also be Qatar against Ecuador.

“This decision was made after an assessment of the impact on the game and operations, as well as thorough consultation and agreement with key stakeholders and the host country,” FIFA said in a statement.Qatar World Cup to start a day earlier

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