Chelsea draw 2-2 Tottenham

In the second round of the Premier League, Chelsea drew Tottenham Hotspur 2-2 at home, and the two coaches Tuchel and Conte clashed many times.

The first clash occurred when Tottenham equalised for the first time, with Conte provoking the Chelsea bench as he celebrated, sparking Tuchel’s ire.

And after Chelsea scored, Tuchel also ran along the touchline and celebrated wildly. But Conte was bowing his head at the time, looking very depressed, but Conte didn’t seem to see it.

When watching the video after the game, Conte found this scene, he posted the video on social networking sites, and wrote: “I didn’t see you, you are lucky, otherwise I will trip you and make a big somersault. .” Conte also added three laughing and crying emojis.

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