Liverpool lose first two rounds for first time

In the last game of the second round of the 2022-23 Premier League season, Liverpool will host Crystal Palace at home. In this game, Liverpool took the lead in conceding the ball, and then Luis Dias scored to regain the score, and the new aid Nunes became red. In the end, ten-man Liverpool drew 1-1 with Crystal Palace.

In this campaign, Liverpool’s new aid Nunes started the game and ushered in the first home show of the Red Army’s career. In the 32nd minute of the game, Eze sent a direct pass to Zaha. Zaha formed a single-handed opportunity to dribble the ball into the penalty area and volleyed the goal.

Crystal Palace led Liverpool 1-0. In the 45th minute, Nunes received a cross in the penalty area and kicked the ball. The ball hit the post and popped out, missing the opportunity to score.

Change sides to fight again. In the 57th minute, Nunes was too impulsive to top Crystal Palace player Anderson. Nunes was sent off by the referee.

This was the first time Nunes was sent off with a direct red card in his career. behind. In the 61st minute, Milner gave Luis Dias the ball. Dias dribbled the ball in the frontcourt and scored a long-range shot to equalize the score. In the end, Liverpool drew 1-1 with Crystal Palace.

It is worth mentioning that Liverpool failed to win this game, so far Liverpool’s 10-game winning streak against Crystal Palace in the Premier League has ended! In addition, Liverpool suffered 2 consecutive draws at the start of the Premier League this season!

In the first round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 2-2 away from newly-promoted Fulham, and they were tied with 2 consecutive starts. This is the first time that the Red Army has encountered 2 consecutive ties at the start of the Premier League since Klopp took over as Liverpool coach. The league suffered 2 consecutive draws at the start.

The third round of the Premier League will usher in the first double red meeting of the season. Liverpool will play against Manchester United at Old Trafford. This will be a game that no one can afford to lose! You know, Manchester United’s start is worse than Liverpool’s. Manchester United has suffered a 2-game losing streak in the Premier League.

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