Simply unbelievable moment! Rafa Silva won the best of the game? !

Simply unbelievable moment for Rava Silva!

In this round of the Champions League, Benfica defeated Juventus 4-3 at home and qualified one round ahead of schedule, while Juventus were eliminated one round ahead of schedule.

As a result, someone profited, that is, Rafa Silva, who scored 2 goals in the game, won the official UEFA Best of the Match honor.

The process is the 35th minute of the game. Joao Mario made an oblique pass from the right edge of the penalty area, and Rafa Silva scored from close range, 3-1.

An unknown rating site also gave Rafa Silva a game-high 8.2.

Rafa Silva FROM Wikipedia

His record is as follows:

In this campaign, Rafa Silva touched the ball 53 times, scored 2 goals 6 times, and made 34 successful passes in 38 times.
He succeeded 2 times in 3 dribbles, hit the door frame 1 time, and missed scoring opportunities 2 times. Rafa Silva won 5 of 8 ground fights, suffered 1 foul and 2 steals. The heat map of the game shows that Rafa Silva is everywhere in the midfield.

In the end, UEFA officially awarded the best trophy of the game to Rafa Silva. The UEFA technical observation team pointed out: “He scored goals, he was always threatening when he moved forward, his technique was very good, and he was the best player in the game. The leader of the team, then I wish him success!

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