Bayern reshape the peak. Netizen: “Let’s see how long it can last!”

UEFA Champions League Group C Round 5: Barcelona VS Bayern Munich. If this kind of confrontation were changed ten or eight years ago, it would have been a dialogue like Mars hitting the earth, and it would be empty. But now, it is a dialogue of unequal strength, although tens of thousands of people are empty.

Because of the game that ended first, Inter Milan defeated Plzen 4-0 at home, and this game was uninteresting. Regardless of the result, Barcelona have already been eliminated from the group, and they can only play the Europa League next.

So what else to play?

But the audience can think so, players, teams, and coaches can’t think so, at least for the sake of face!

In the Champions League, I was humiliated by this “benevolence” 8:2. I was double-killed and eliminated for two consecutive seasons.  At least you’re going to win a set, don’t get a draw, or don’t lose so badly? Of course, it is best if you can give the opponent a thumping blow of more than 8:2.

The summary is: 0-3! Lose and lose! Regardless of face, it is no use for Barcelona to win against Inter Milan next matches! Don’t be too happy with Bayern, next, I think Mainz is also a strong opponent for them.

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